[[File:497293 | class=media-item-align-left | 500×500px | acervus_map.jpg]]The city of Acervus sits on the Aequalis plateau. It covers approximately 3.5 million square miles of the plateau. Having been founded hundreds of years ago by criminals, outlaws, and those who were vilified by their governments, it is by far one of the most corrupt city-states in existence.

Originally intended for those criminals who needed a place to hide, it eventually grew in to a small colony. At that point there was no governing body and it was only the mutual distrust of others that kept the place from devolving in to pure chaos. It wasn’t until the 4th galactic civil war that an established government was even formed.

The government that was formed essentially consisted of whom ever had the most money to buy off the most amount of people, was in power. After 100 years of this, it had devolved in to families. Basically those in power would hand down their power to their offspring, or whomever they named as successor. It wasn’t until the past 50 years that those with actual skill in running things could move up in to real positions of power. Now there is some head butting between those rising and the old families. This has lead to full on war in the streets between certain factions.

Despite all of this infighting, the city has grown and developed in to a fully realized city-state.


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