Long ago, the Phosp and the Su’Ran were one race. The history books were long since lost and no one knows precisely when the split. But while the Su’Ran flourished on a planet permanently covered in vapor and full of carnivores, the Phosp developed on a planet that is dominated by a bio-luminescent forest that was mostly populated by herbivores. Being omnivores themselves, it was the perfect environment for them to grow. the current society is a very socialistic society. The government exists solely to help those under it’s care, but despite the fact that the government is almost always involved in everyone’s life, there is a focus on the self by the society. Everyone is encouraged to seek out their place in the universe. From the outside, other races tend to assume that they are weak and easily defeated. this has been proven wrong several times over. whenever strife comes to one of the Phosp, all of the Phosp fight. They have a motto that is stated regularly within the government:

“One for few, few for many, many for more, more for all, and all for one.”

ABILITY SCORE INCREASE: Your Charisma score goes up by 2 and your Intelligence score increases by 1

AGE: Phosp are considered adult around age 60. Than can live for up to 270 years.

SIZE: Phosp have an average height of about 2-3 ft tall. and an average weight of 30 lbs. Your size is small.

SPEED: Your base walking speed is 20 feet.

PILOT’S MIND: You think in a more 3-dimensional way than many species, granting you advantage on all rolls for tool use with flying vehicles.

GLIDER: Phosp have flaps of skin that run the length of their arms, torso, and legs on their sides. This combined with their light bone structure allows them to glide easily. For every 5ft of height, you can glide 10ft. This can be combined with your regular movement as a free action.

CLIMBING IS FUN: You gain Advantage to athletics for climbing checks.

SMALL HANDS: Because of the size of Phosp hands and their natural curiosity, they have become quite proficient with cracking and fixing security devices. You are proficient in Security Tools.

LANGUAGES: You speak read and write Common and Phosp. The Phosp language consists of mostly of chittering and squeaking noises. Much like their distant cousins, the Su’Ran, their language is somewhat utilitarian in that it takes much less time to say the same thing in Phosp then it does in common.


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